In an exciting leap towards digital transformation, we introduce our latest initiative, the Tourism Startup Scouting Service. This service is designed to seamlessly integrate small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMEs) into the vibrant start-up community, fostering collaboration and scaling innovation that works for the tourism industry.


Dissemination of startup profiles: Bridging connections for transformation

In order to create meaningful connections between tourism SMEs and startups, we will develop a scouting database of over 100 startups profiles that will be disseminated in our channels, a gold mine to make tourism SMEs businesses more efficient, scalable, and sustainable!

Moreover, tourism SMEs interested to network with startups and benchmark innovative tools will be able to connect with them through the online Community TourBIZZ (using the hashtag #startup in our pool of service provides). Why don’t you already connect to TourBIZZ and start connecting with the tech community?

Innovation and Start-up talks: Sharing success stories

At the heart of our initiative is the engaging “Innovation & Startup Talks”, a podcast series in collaboration with Digital Tourism Think Tank. This engaging format aims to highlight successful collaborations between start-ups and tourism SMEs, demonstrating how the start-up innovation has driven the digitalisation of the tourism SME process.

Every week, starting in February, we will share stories about using digital tools and implementing practical solutions to support small tourism businesses. You will discover how start-ups are solving digital challenges for these businesses. You will hear success stories, get useful tips, and learn what to avoid. Whether you are a small tourism business or just interested in tech and travel, this podcast is here to support you on this exciting journey.

Are you ready to redefine your digital journey?

Embark on a transformative adventure with our Tourism Startup Scouting Service. Take your SME to new heights, explore breakthrough innovations, and forge partnerships that redefine the future of your business. Don’t just be a part of the tourism landscape; shape it! Stay tuned for more updates, more stories, and more innovation.