TVTM 23 – June 15 & 16

Tourbit Virtual Transnational Matchathon (TVTM) aims to support tourism SMEs in their digitalisation journey, from one hand, inspiring all tourism SMEs with lasts trends and, on the second hand, helping SMEs awarded with the Tourbit financial support to make successful matches with the Tourbit Services Providers for the implementation of their digitalisation projects.

On the first day, June 15th, open to all Tourism SMEs and service providers, we have organized one morning filled with conferences on the latest trends, challenges, and essential aspects that every tourism SME should consider to drive innovation and sustainability in their digitalisation efforts.
Moreover, tourism SMEs will have the opportunity to discover new services through quick presentations pitched by Service Providers from our pool, introducing them to innovative solutions that they may not have been aware of. Additionally, they will be able to participate in four specialized thematic rooms tailored to address their specific challenges: business model innovation, product innovation, digital marketing, and social and environmental sustainability.

The second day, June 16th, will only be opened to awarded Tourbit SMEs that will enter the Digital Acceleration programme (results on June 8th !).
These lucky SMEs will have the chance to pitch their challenges in front of top service providers that they will choose, with the assistance of experienced mentors.

2 days that will definitely accelerate the digitalisation of Tourism SMEs, including innovation and sustainability!