Tourism SMEs can already have a look at the service provider pool! 

Due to the high number of consultations we have received related to this “Pool” (Who is in the pool? Where can I have a look at the providers? Etc.), we have decided to make the profiles currently available in the public already for your reference. Please note however that the call for service providers will still remain open until 31 May 2023 and new profiles will be incorporated constantly.

You can find the profiles included in the pool at this stage inside a dedicated space within the TourBIZZ online community. You can access this space to visualise the profiles with your TourBIZZ account through this link.

All service providers are categorised with hashtags according to their country of origin and the type of service(s) they offer. You may filter service providers, clicking on the respective hashtags listed here. You may also combine several hashtags typing them into the search function, e.g. #Belgium #DigitalMarketing, whereas all hashtags you use are always filtered using the filter criterium “and” and not “or”. This means that using the above example, the search result would show you all providers which are from Belgium AND offer digital marketing services. For clarification, searching for #Belgium #Spain #DigitalMarketing would not yield any results because a provider cannot come from Belgium and Spain at the same time.  

Please note that within the community you can directly contact the respective service provider clicking on their profile and sending them a message.

Don’t hesitate to have a look at our explanation video for further tips:  

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