The Tourbit Digital Acceleration Programme aims to support, during 10 months, more than 60 tourism SMEs in their digital transformation process and build their capacity to uptake digital and innovative solutions.

By presenting their project of digital transformation, tourism SMEs will have the chance to get funding and to implement it with the support of a mentor/expert and get access to an international network.


  • Mentoring and technical support during the whole duration of the SMEs project
  • Knowledge and skills on digitalization through training and support from experts
  • Access to the online Tourism Innovation Community TourBIZZ and an international network
  • Visibility through TOURBIT communication
  • Financial support: 100% reimbursement of eligible costs (75% EU co-financing, 25% covered by Tourbit project partners), up to max. € 8.000 (Catalonia, Île de France, Portugal, Slovenia) / € 9.000 (Belgium, Lapland, Iceland)


Tourism SMEs from the following categories:

  • Hotels and similar accommodation (NACE I5510)
  • Holiday and other short-stay accommodation (NACE I5520)
  • Camping grounds, recreational vehicle parks and trailer parks (NACE I5530)
  • Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities (NACE N79)
  • Based in Catalonia (Spain), Portugal, Lapland (Finland), Slovenia, Iceland, Belgium and Île de France (France)


📣 The call for proposal will be launch Mid-January!

Stay tuned joining the online Tourism Innovation Community TourBIZZ and don’t hesitate to start preparing your proposal by evaluating your state of digitalization with the Tourbit Digital Readiness Index (DRI), ex-ante condition before entering the programme.