Start Digital Toolbox

One resource to have a holistic view of TOURBIT

This Toolbox aims at offering guidance to motivate and encourage the uptake of digital technologies by Tourism SMEs
with low to medium levels of digitalisation.
Through a comprehensive approach, the tool collects the project results and learnings streamlined under the Tourbit three framework pillars:
  • DISCOVER AND LEARN – Main technologies and its application to the tourism sector: trends, webinars, deep dive sessions and factsheets.
  • CONNECT – Tech and startup community working to provide support to the digitalisation of tourism SMEs through: the Tourbizz community, the Startups book, the Tourbit pool of services providers and the Tourism SME’s having received the Tourbit Grants.
  • INSPIRE – Inspirational examples of cooperation between tourism SMEs and startups, as well as financial opportunities and relevant events.

Discover and Learn – DATABASE

The resources provided in this section will allow you building a strong digital foundation. You can access to curated resources, dive into interactive webinars and factsheets to build a robust foundation of knowledge about digitalization. In this tab, you can look for resources classified by technologies.

Digital Assessment

Before digging into the different available resources, we highly advise you to assess your digital readiness.
The Digital Readiness Index (DRI) is a free tool, available in multiple languages. Based on the answers you will provide, the system generates an individual report with recommendations on how to improve. It is tailor-made for tourism SMEs.

You can access it here and look for more information here

Deep Dive Sessions – Webinars
A first approach to discovering technologies
Go Digital Trainings – Webinars
Meet inspirational experts
Technology Factsheet
Knowing everything at a glance
Online Sales Top Technologies Year Release – Part I Boosting Online Sales
Data Analytics Top Technologies Year Release Part II Deep Dive webinar Data analytics for beginners:

Data analytics 2: managing customer expectations and online reputation

Download the Data Analytics Fact Sheet
Digital Marketing Top Technologies Year Release Part II Digital Marketing webinar Navigating in the digital world

Digital marketing: navigating the digital world – from why to how?

Advanced tools in digital marketing

Cybersecurity Top Technologies Year Release Part II Cybersecurity Webinar Cybersecurity: ensuring data security and privacy, building trust
Cloud Computing Top Technologies Year Release Part II Cloud Computing Webinar Download the Cloud Computing Fact Sheet
Artificial Intelligence Top Technologies Year Release Part II Artificial Intelligence Webinar AI / Automated
Services – Part 1
AI /Automated
Services – Part
Download the Artificial Intelligence Fact Sheet
AR/VR Top Technologies Year Release Part III Augmented & Virtual Reality Webinar Download the AR & VR Fact Sheet
IOT Top Technologies Year Release Part III Internet of Things Webinar Download the Internet of Things Fact Sheet
Blockchain Top Technologies Year Release Part III Blockchain Webinar Download the Blockchain Fact Sheet

Connect – DATABASE

Use these resources to foster collaborations. Networking becomes a strategic advantage to strengthen your digitalisation efforts.

Inspire – DATABASE

This last section will fuel your innovation strategy. Explore real-world case studies, implementation guides, and firsthand experiences that showcase the impact of digitalization on businesses.