TOURBIT SMEs Testimonials

This section presents the testimonials of 14 out of the 61 tourism SMEs that received financial support from Tourbit to implement their digitalization projects.

Meet them and learn from their experiences through their stories!

Thanks to digitalization, we have reduced waiting times, optimized communication with our guests and increase accuracy in data collection.
Saul Canal

Manager of Hotel Ohla Barcelona, Aqua Hotel Group. Catalonia (Spain)

We have a big campsite that includes accommodation, restaurant and activities… With the TOURBIT Project, we are working to organize the inside of our staff and communication for different groups in a better way.
Urša Fürst

CEO of Camping Menina, Camping Menina. Slovenia

We had implemented CRM and Co techniques who created a very nice content to our digital strategy and we are truly optimistic with the future.
Sofia Gomes

Owner of Casa da Avó Genoveva, Portugal

It’s a real progress in customer relations and an added value for Chlorophyll. Thanks to the Tourbit European Project, we have also improved our website. Our offer is now much clearer for customers, and we are receiving more inquiries thanks to the Tourbit Digital Acceleration Program.
Fabrice Godin

Director of Chlorophyll, France

It’s a comprehensive project that benefits users, the Sardanian society, and the territory through the farmers who could take care of it.
David Isern

Owner of Cerdanya EcoResort , Catalonia (Spain)

We were able to create the platform which is going to host a new project called WheelTribe, and also to understand how to better automate our marketing efforts and and the community engagement so that we can get more users to discover our new project.

Founder of Destination Everywhere, Belgium

With the Tourbit project, we were able to create and manage content on social media, allowing us to maintain an active presence.

Landescape Garden Studio, Portugal

Thanks to Tourbit, we’ve been able to develop a new website with amazing videos and pictures, very complete content, and an email flow that gives us a feeling of security and safety.
Carole Sánchez

RuntheWorld CEO - Founder , Catalona (Spain)

Through our loyalty program, we aim to create a closer relationship between us and our guests, as well as between our guests and the local destination.
Gian Franco Mercado

Sweet Accommodations Co-Founder, Spain

Over the past year, Tourbit has helped us utilize our website to expand our presence on social media, making us more well-known. Thanks to this, we have created a loyal customer base.
Ricard Ferrer

Founding partner of Travelfy, Catalonia (Spain)

Thanks to Tourbit, we can say that we have a new experience to offer our customers before, during and after their travels. It has also helped us streamline our work to directly meet people’s needs and we want them to have a new vision of travel.
Delphine Bonte

Member of Un p'tit Voyage, France

This project is a key step towards the digital transformation of our hotel and ensuring the sustainable development of our services.

Member of the Vitranc Boutique Hotel, Slovenia

Thanks to the Tourbit project and the Cosmo Programme, we initiated the digitalization process in our company. We began the map digitalization process with our clients and suppliers, enabling us to respond more quickly to client budgeting requests.

Manuel Marchante

Public Relations Specialist at Turaventur

The Tourbit project was amazing for us because it allowed us to accelerate our company’s growth. We have gained many more clients, and our social media presence has increased significantly. We now have more followers and more clients making good bookings.

Tomás Anselmo

Executive Director of Azores Boat Adventures