TOURBIT Startup book

The Startup Book is a comprehensive database that includes startups encountered or listed throughout the Tourbit activities.

It has been created to facilitate the search for innovative solutions tailored for tourism SMEs.

SMEs can search by area of expertise, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, gamification, sustainability, virtual reality; or look for technologies that fit their specific industry.

The Startup Book is presented in two different formats to enhance the user experience:

  • In a grid view;
  • In a gallery view, where each startup has a card describing its profile.

This database is not an exhaustive list of all the existing technologies, but a collection of startups identified during the Tourbit project. The information has been verified to be as accurate as possible. If you are one of the listed companies and would like to modify your information, please contact us!

How to browse the Tourbit Start up book?

Don’t hesitate to have a look at our explanation video for some tips!