Tourism SMEs can now assess and improve their state of digitalisation with the TOURBIT Digital Readiness Index (DRI)

The TOURBIT Digital Readiness Index (DRI) is dedicated to tourism SMEs interested in moving forward in digitalisation. It will help them to audit their digital readiness across different company areas and functions and will provide them with recommendations on how to improve.

The entry point to the DRI is the DRI online questionnaire, composed of 44 questions that test the technology usage and capacity of the company. Based on the answered provided, the system generates an individual DRI report. It contains an executive summary with a custom-made visualisation of the results, an in-depth self-evaluation for the current situation as well as many recommendations on how to improve based on multiple algorithms incorporated in the questionnaire.

DRI is free to use and is available in different languages: English, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Catalan and Finnish through

By knowing their level of digitalisation through the DRI, tourism SMEs will be able to participate in upcoming courses adapted to their digital maturity, joint creation workshops and a hackathon with the participation of stakeholders from around the Europe.

In addition, by using DRI tourism SMEs will be in a top position to develop their digitalisation project and get the chance to receive up to 8.000€ or 9.000€ (depending on the country) to support its implementation in the Tourbit Acceleration Programme.