Boosting Online Sales: anatomy, strategies & tactical questions of travel sales.

Date: Tuesday 12th December 2023 at 12 am EET / 11 am CET

The fourth webinar about Online Sales of the Tourbit Go Digital Skills Programme is dedicated to the 1st level (Beginners).

The webinar will combine “theory & practice” and familiarize yourself to the anatomy and strategies of travel sales and also to tactical questions.

It will also give you practical advice and step markers for the basics of digital business and for concrete utilization:

  • Why to consider online sales?
  • How to boost online sales?
  • From brand awareness to lead generation, growth, and loyalty
  • Sales pipeline design, customer experience and customer relation management
  • Balancing the strategy with partners and channels: Organic Reach – Paid – Earned – Shared
  • Tips & tricks from real business world
  • How to create top-selling product
  • How to project your sales development initiative


Juha has more than 20 years of experience as a trainer, consultant, and supervisor in tourism, industry, trade, ICT industry, from program services, rural areas, event production, joint marketing and media cooperation. Juha has worked as a senior teacher, business developer for start-ups, project manager, consultant, and trainer at a private and in the public sector.

Various digital business coaching and training sessions led by Juha have accumulated over 500 in his working career during both online and face-to-face training. During his career, Juha has worked in 15 different countries in sales, marketing and in customer service (CRM) expert, coaching, and management positions. His strength is interpretation and utilization skills at the interface of business and ICT technology. He is one of Finland’s leading digital tourism business trainers, coaches, and strategists.

Juha Sorjonen

Account Director, Avidly

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