Smart use of data in Tourism SME´s

Date: Tuesday 9th January 2024 at 12 am EET / 11 am CET

The fifth webinar about Data Analytics of the Tourbit Go Digital Skills Programme is dedicated to the 1st level (Beginners).

Join us for a discussion on the use of data in tourism and hospitality. The webinar presents insights on leveraging data in tourism SMEs, encompassing opportunities, methods, tools, data producers, and sources. Real-life examples illustrate the value of data and aim to encourage its utilization in travel businesses.



  • Introduce current trends in the field Smart Tourism in Destinations and Tourism SME’s
  • Transmit the key concepts data collection, data analysis and use of data
  • Share good practices and examples in the field of Smart Tourism


Kristian Sievers is a tourism expert working for Lapland University of Applied Sciences and actively serves as an expert in data-driven tourism management projects nationally and internationally. Currently, Kristian Sievers is also as an expert in the European Commission’s Smart Tourism Destinations initiative (data-driven tourism areas, with 45 selected areas in Europe participating in the program). For over 25 years, Kristian Sievers has been involved in the development of the tourism industry and the design of experiences, as well as in tourism education. Kristian has contributed to the formulation of Finland’s food tourism strategy, worked as the program director for the Tourism and Experience Production Center, and managed projects such as the Arctic Ecosystem for Tourism in Lapland at Lapland Regional Council, overseeing the creation of Lapland’s tourism strategy and implementing data-driven projects in Lapland.

Kristian Sievers

Tourism expert, Lapland University of Applied Sciences

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