TOURBIT partners will organise this fall 7 regional live co-creation workshops to accelerate the digital transformation of tourism SMEs.



The TOURBIT project understands innovation as a co-creative collaborative procedure between tourism SMEs and other stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem. As a matter of fact, the strength of this ecosystem is a crucial element for tourism SMEs to thrive through the digital transition.

In that sense, this fall (September-October 2022), TOURBIT partners will organise one live co-creation workshop in their region (7 in total: Belgium, Lapland/Finland, Île de France/France, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Catalonia/Spain) to bring together tourism SMEs, startups and other key stakeholders of the tourism ecosystem to get engaged in an innovation collaborative process to generate ideas and discuss solutions.

These co-creation workshops are challenge-driven interactive workshops to accelerate the digital transformation of tourism SMEs, and apply design thinking methodology facilitated by digital experts. Each half-day live workshop will gather around 10 to 15 participants, including tourism SMEs and startups.


Objective of the co-creation workshops in tourism & digitalisation

 To get engaged in an innovation collaborative process through the design thinking methodology to identify challenges, generate ideas and discuss solutions about the digital transformation tourism SMEs are facing.


Conditions for tourism SMEs to participate

  • Be a tourism SMEs (accommodation, tourist agencies and tour operators) in one of the 7 TOURBIT destinations: Belgium, Lapland (Finland), Île de France (France), Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, and Catalonia (Spain)
  • Assess your state of digitalisation with our free online tool, Tourbit DRI (Digital Readiness Index).
  • Send us your individual DRI report that includes your current situation and the future projection of your digital transformation at (or the contact Tourbit partner in your region)

We wish to understand better the problems you are facing relating to digitalisation and help you in your digitalisation process. Sending us your DRI report will allow us to adapt the workshops in that sense.

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  • Île de France (France): Wednesday 28/09/22 at Le Cargo (Paris) and organised by the Welcome City Lab Register here
  • Portugal: Friday 30/09/22 at NOS (Lisboa) and organised by the NEST -Centro de Inovação do Turismo Register here
  • Belgium: Friday 07/10/22 at COMET Meeting Louise (Brussels) and organised by the cluster hosted by Register sending an email info[at] 
  • Catalonia (Spain): Tuesday 11/10/22 at Barcelona Chamber of Commerce (BCC) and organised by BCC and the Catalan Tourist Board  Register here
  • Slovenia: Monday 17/10/22 organised by ARCTUR at Marezige 24 (Kanava pri vinski fontani) ( 
  • Iceland: Thursday 27/10/22 organised by Iceland Tourism Cluster at the Gróska innovation house (home of ITC) – Register here
  • Lapland (Finland): Friday 28/10/22 at Lapland University of Applied Sciences, Tourism Innovation Hub – Register here