Preparing the 2023 Fall activities: Go Digital Skills Programme & Tourism Startup-Scouting Service

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Summer break is approaching, but the Toubit project is already working in actions that will start this fall to foster the digitalisation of European tourism SMEs.

Go Digital Skills Programme

The last action of the LEARN pillar is the Tourbit Go Digital Skills Programme, a series of trainings offered through online live webinars, according to the level of digitalisation of the SMEs.

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The Go Digital Skills Programme is designed considering the main findings on tourism SMEs readiness/maturity obtained through the Digital Readiness Index, the challenges pointed out by tourism SMEs in their proposal presented to the call of the Digital Acceleration Programme, as well as on the mapping of existing training and educational resources, as it intends to complement the existing offer.

Stage 1: Getting ready: ‘Creating content for digital marketing: Developing engaging and interactive content, Sustainability communication’, ‘Online Marketing& Sales / Technology: Mobile accessibility, User experience, improving payent process’, ‘Data analytics for beginners: How to make data driven decisions? Keeping up with KPIs’;


Stage 2: Growing digital: ‘Boosting online sales: Platform economy, collaborative partnerships, improving cross-channel integration’, ‘Data analytics 2: Managing customer expectations and online reputation, integrating customer feedback’;


Stage 3: Leaping ahead: ‘Digital architecture’, ‘Cyber security: ensuring data security and privacy, building trust’, ‘Final webinar: Whats next in digital tourism?Intelligence’.

The Go Digital Skills Programme will be launched in September, with the organisation of one webinar per month until April 2024!

*the training programme may be subject to changes if the Tourbit partners consider it necessary

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Tourism Startup-Scouting Service

The last action of the BUILD pillar will be focus on the other hand to the connection between tourism SMEs and the start-ups community. To this end, Tourbit will organise the Tourism Startup-Scouting Service with:

  • Start-up profiles with the dissemination of 40 startup profiles on Tourbizz to create connections between Startups and Tourism SME
  • Innovation and start-up talks to tourism SMEs learn from startups to strengthen their innovation efforts.

Stay tuned in our LinkedIn, Twitter or the TourBIZZ Community to participate in our next activities!