We offer you a new guide Year release of top technologies 2023 so that you can discover the most efficient technological tools for your tourism SME. In addition to the latest technological trends in the tourism industry, you will also find the opinions and recommendations of some of Tourbit’s partners regarding these new resources.

Tourism digital and tech trends 

Through this handbook, you will not only learn about different technological tools, but you will also discover how to implement elements such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, blockchain, cloud computing, cybersecurity or data analytics in your tourism business.

All these technological innovations are of great help in many tourism processes and activities. This document is aimed at tourism stakeholders from different fields such as agencies or operators, transport, accommodation, restaurants, destination management or digital tourism. Companies that embrace these trends and invest in new technologies and sustainable practices are likely to be well-positioned for success in the future.

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Year release of top technologies for tourism SMEs 2022

This report is a follow-up to a previous document published last year. While the first served to prepare for digitalisation, this new edition aims to deepen resources for digital development and growth, while promoting new skills and knowledge.



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