tourbit digital acceleration programme

The Tourbit Digital Acceleration Programme aims to support, during 10 months, more than 60 tourism SMEs in their digital transformation process and build their capacity to uptake digital and innovative solutions.

The call for proposals to select SMEs is launched on a transnational level in the following territories:
Spain (Catalonia), France, Slovenia, Belgium, Finland, Iceland, and Portugal.
Tourbit aims to select a minimum of 62 tourism SMEs, 7-14 SMEs per territory.

By presenting their project of digital transformation, tourism SMEs will have the chance to get funding and to implement it with the support of a mentor/expert/service providers and get access to an international network. Tourbit will select and admit service providers into a pool from which SME can choose the most appropriate provider to support their project implementation.

If you are a tourism smes

If you are a service providers

The Digital Acceleration Programme is one of the core activities of Tourbit project for the digital transformation path of tourism SMEs:


Digital Acceleration Programme calendar: