We will demystify blockchain technology for you!  

Blockchain is quite unknown yet and sparsely applied in the tourism sector, but it offers secure opportunities for tourism SMEs when doing business digitally. Blockchain is based on the so-called decentralised ledger technology (DLT), which is a digital system where details on e.g. transactions of assents are recorded in multiple places at the same time making it invulnerable against cyber-attacks. Nowadays, it is most commonly known for cryptocurrency transaction, but is has multiple other applications, which some of them are yet to be explored.

In this webinar, we will give you an introduction to Blockchain applications for tourism SMEs and present you two practical use cases for your inspiration. 


  • 11:00 h CET: Welcome and Tourbit project Introduction
  • 11:05 CET – Introduction to Blockchain for tourism businesses – Quirze SalomóPresident at the Blockchain Centre of Catalonia (Spain)
  • 11:20 CET – Use case 1. – Jamil Benabdallah, CEO & Founder at H64 (France)
  • 11:30 CET – Use case 2. – Samo Eržen, Senior Research Engineer at Arctur (Slovenia)
  • 11:40 CET – Discussion: Q&A
  • 11:45 CET – Closing 

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