About the project

Digitalisation has the potential to boost innovation, to generate economic and environmental efficiencies and increase productivity. At the same time, it brings unprecedented opportunities for tourism SMEs such as the development of new products and services, processes, access to new markets and improved customer experience.

The European co-funded project TOURBIT (Fostering digitalisation of European tourism SMEs) understands that digitalisation opens opportunities but, like other global forces of the industry, poses many challenges to tourism SMEs.

In that sense, TOURBIT main objective is fostering skills and capacity and boosting the uptake of digitalisation and innovation, promoting resilient and competitive SMEs and spurring a faster transformation of the European tourism sector.

The TOURBIT project started on January 2022 and will work on the activities and objectives of the project until June 2024.

The TOURBIT project has an overall budget of 1,331,570 €, out of which 520,000 € will be forwarded to tourism SMEs, and will be funded up to a maximum of 75% through the COSME- Europe’s programme for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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TOURBIT partnership is a public and private alliance of complementary 8 organizations covering 7 countries (Belgium, Finland, France, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia and Spain) that will work on the activities and objectives of the project during 30 months.


  1. Catalan Tourist Board – Spain (Catalonia) – Coordinator
  2. Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation – Spain (Catalonia)
  3. PARIS&CO – France
  4. ARCTUR DOO (lead of Tourism 4.0) – Slovenia
  5. Cluster hospitality.brussels hosted by hub.brussels – Belgium
  6. Iceland Tourism Cluster – Iceland
  7. Lapland University of Applied Sciences – Finland
  8. NEST – Tourism Innovation Center – Portugal


TOURBIT partnership proposes a transnational and cross-ecosystem support-service scheme based on a framework of three pillars ‘Learning, Building, Testing and Implementing’ which goal is to enable tourism SMEs to cultivate the necessary capabilities to thrive in the digital age.

Discover our actions that will support the digitalization lift of European tourism SMEs!

TOURBIT 3 pillars framework